One dress two outfits

You don't have to wear your favourite dress for just one occasion. The right accessories and make-up can conjure up several different outfits from one dress. We will show you how we used one dress to create two outfits. All we had to do was choose the right accessories from the wardrobe.

We chose beautiful women's dresses from the Harmony collection. They are made of ribbed material, have an A-cut and pleated sleeves. At us, you can find them in two colours - petrol blue and pink.

If you are going on a date or a business meeting, you can use our tips to change the outfit with one dress.

Does accessories really matter? 

Yes, accessories matter. Because thanks to them, clothes are revived. With accessories, you can emphasize your individuality and the uniqueness of the dress. Incorrectly selected accessories can, on the other hand, spoil the whole outfit – details may disappear, they may shorten your legs, or highlight some parts you don’t really want to.

The accessories include:

Jacket, sweater
Hat, cap, scarf

Women's dresses and sports outfit

Women's dresses are worn today not only when you go to the theatre, for a dinner at a restaurant or for a celebration. Dresses became very popular with women and they  started to wear them to work, for business meetings, shopping, meetings with friends and just for walks.

If you want to achieve sporty outfit dress, reach for comfortable modern accessories. We chose:

  • Black tights
  • Black tractor boots
  • Denim jacket 
  • Lacquered pink backpack

Our tip:

You can also achieve such a sports outfit with white sneakers and a sports leather jacket.
In spring and autumn, with a warmer scarf around your neck. Thicker tights with different patterns would also stand out beautifully.
You can use a crossbody handbag, a bum bag or a large shopper bag.
If you like hats, reach for a stylish cap or beanie to make a sporty outfit.
On a sunny day, don't forget your sunglasses.
From the jewellery, sports watches and round earrings, or small fine studs are suitable.
Clip your hair in a comfortable ponytail or topknot.

Dress and elegant outfit

Are you planning a family celebration, an important business dinner or a business opening ceremony? An event where evening dresses don't really fit, but still you want to create an elegant outfit with it?

We have created an outfit from Harmony kerosene clothes, for which you will certainly not be ashamed on such an event. We supplemented them with:

  • Black tights
  • High heels 
  • Envelope purse
  • Black jacket
  • Bead necklace

Our tip:

More festive make-up and more expressive jewellery go well with the elegant outfit.
A beaded necklace or interesting earrings will suffice.
You can match the court shoes and the handbag in the same tones, they would also go well with these dresses in cream colour.
If you go to a room where it will be warm, choose only a coat or top for moving from place to place.
You can reach for an elegant leather jacket, a longer coat but also a shaggy jacket.
Pay attention to the hairstyle as well, you can have, for example, freely loose hair, which you adjust accordingly. If you have more time, style the French twist a little bit lower. 

Which outfit do you prefer? 

Do you rather reach for the comfortable, sporty outfits, or do you feel better when you are in pumps? The advantage of clothes is that you can vary them. Small changes in accessories can do great wonders in the resulting outfit.

Our recommendation:

Try on clothes at home in front of a mirror. Try different combinations and variations so that when the right time comes, you can safely reach for the concrete dresses and accessories from your wardrobe.

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