Before taking over and paying for a shipment from a delivery company, we recommend that you check on site that the shipment is not damaged. In case of extensive damage (torn packaging, deformations and other extensive damage), we recommend not to accept the shipment.

In the case of a flawed item, send it including any accessories with a copy of the invoice, flaw description and your contact details (address, phone number, e-mail) to our address:
Japitex s.r.o., Povstalecká 61, 97409 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Flawed item return form.

Send the goods either in the form of a package or by registered mail. When sending goods by cash on delivery, this shipment will not be accepted.

The claimed goods must be delivered clean and mechanically undamaged. The costs of transporting the claimed goods from the buyer to the seller are paid by the buyer. We do not refund postage and other charges. We pay for the return transport after settling the justified complaint.

In the event that the product defects during the warranty period (24 months), the customer has the right to eliminate the defect. If the defect of the goods is irreparable, we will replace the defective product with a new one.

We handle complaints about the goods as quickly as possible, but no later than 30 days from the date of delivery of the complaint. By settling a justified complaint, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the complaint. If the claim was settled by exchanging the goods for a new one within the statutory warranty period, then the warranty period will start running again from the date of settlement of the claim.

The goods you keep are covered by the statutory warranty period of 2 years.

Until payment, the goods remain the property of JAPITEX s.r.o.

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