Pants with braces Perun Flower

Code: 72211 Material: 96% cotton 4% elastane

Collection: Perun Flower

28.90  €


Size / Size table

068 074 080 086

Children's sweatpants with braces

Sweatpants with suspenders for children are a practical wardrobe item. They are complemented by embroidery with a folk motif and a frill. The embroidery hides a symbol of protection - Perun flower and a heart from Čatai embroidery. The pleasant cotton material adapts beautifully and is not too tight. Beautiful wooden buttons only underline the uniqueness of the entire collection.

Long-sleeved tunic Perun Flower

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Hoodie Perun Flower

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Leggings Perun Flower

18,90 €

Long-sleeved dress Perun Flower

30,90 €

Long-sleeved flounce dress Perun Flower

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Sleeveless footie Perun Flower

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Long-sleeved coloured bodysuit Perun Flower

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Long-sleeved white bodysuit Perun Flower

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Trousers Perun Flower

14,50 €
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