Did you receive wrong kids clothing?

It's time after Christmas and you have clothes for your children in your wardrobe, that you received from your family?

It's time after Christmas and you have clothes for your children in your wardrobe, that you received from your family? That's great, you don't have to buy so much and your little one has something new to wear for the next three months.

What if your family didn't choose the right size, type or colour of the clothes?

Don't throw it away.

If you have some new clothes in your wardrobe, don't throw it out. If the clothes doesn't suit your baby, we have 4 tips on how to use kid's clothes: 

1. Gift it

Of course you would prefer not to do it, but If you know a family or acquaintance that have a child the clothes would be great for, why not? Obviously don't just give it away. Think whether it is a useful gift the kids clothing further.

2. Keep it for later

In case the colour and type suits your baby but the size is too big, just keep it for later. Babies in the months of development grow very fast. Therefore, if you have room to store the kids clothes, keep it.

3. Give it to charity

There are still hundreds, even thousands of poor children living in bad conditions, who cannot afford nice clothes. If you have kids clothes that you are not going to use, give it to charity or an orphanage. They will surely make use of the clothes.

4. Sell it

In case you have found the previous options suitable, consider this. Today besides classic markets you can find various groups on social media that are focused on selling or trading clothes for children. Search it on Facebook, surely there will be moms happy that they can find clothes for their children.

5. Make something out of it

For creative mommies. Maybe you have an used sweater or tights but you need socks or a t-shirt? If you dare, you can make a piece of a clothes that you need. YouTube is full of creative video with DIY that could inspire you.

6. Organise a flea market

Do you have clothes but also other things you don't want to throw out? Try organizing neighbours and maybe some moms and trade. It's both fun and a way to strengthen relationships and you might even make some money out of it.

Do you have other ideas what to do with clothes for children that's not good for your child? If yes, write to us and help other moms :)

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