Are you planning a baby and so every month you are following your cycle and counting fertile days? And if you are late, you are very happy. However, not every time being late means pregnancy.

Late period

Although late period is considered to be one of the more important proofs of pregnancy, it’s not always so. There are cases where missing a period or being late is because of illness or higher stress. Therefore, it is good to observe other signs that you may be pregnant.

When there is fertilisation of the egg by sperm, the body of the future mom will go through changes, mainly in the uterus, so the woman cannot easily see that she is pregnant. Especially, if the pregnancy is not planned and an irregular period is common, it’s rather normal to find out about the pregnancy after the 9th week or even later.

The more observant ones will notice some change such as the sensitivity of the breasts, the different colouration of the nipples, which tend to get darker. Another sign of pregnancy is morning sickness or weird cravings.

A different sign may be being tired, annoyance or frequent urination.

Ovulation test

KSince the pregnancy signs are highly individual and there is a different one with every woman, or a combination, many women don’t know about their pregnancy even in the 11th week for sure. If they did not follow their ovulation, they really don’t know.

Ovulation is a time in the middle of the menstrual cycle, when the eggs are released and it’s the best time to get pregnant.

Ovulation itself takes only 12 to 24 hours, therefore the ovulation test can pinpoint the time with the biggest chances of getting pregnant.Which is something many women planning a baby use. If you didn’t do the ovulation test, you can move further to the pregnancy test.

How to get pregnant

Maybe you are in the very beginning and just thinking about a baby. You’re thinking about how to get pregnant the fastest and what you need to do to succeed on the first try. Some couples are lucky and even after the first month of intense trying and considering ovulation and possibly working with the ovulation test are expecting.

Sometimes, however, it’s not that quick or easy as the hopeful parents desire. What to do in that case? Definitely stay calm and don’t panic. Stress or the absence of sex won’t help. On the contrary, many couples got lucky when they stopped thinking about the very thing - getting a baby and just enjoyed their time together.

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