How to lose weight after giving birth? A question that is irrelevant to some because as they gained weight during pregnancy, they lost it afterwards but for some, it is a difficult question to figure out. How to get back to the previous weight seems impossible to answer.

Is there even a universal tip or advice that works and helps all women without exception to lose weight after giving birth?

Slow and steady

Firstly, we need to emphasize that a fresh mom shouldn’t consider any drastic diets. She could put herself and her baby in danger. Moreover, a hungry organism is a shocked organism and instead of losing weight it switches into a mode where it saves calories for later. It’s necessary to realise that losing weight after giving birth needs time and a correct way.

3 rules: variable, not too much and regular food

When it comes to food for a new mommy, there are 3 rules She needs to eat regularly, healthy and in smaller quantities. Every breastfeeding mom knows that there is a bigger appetite for food and thirst, which shouldn’t be suppressed but the contrary. It’s important to watch what and when she eats it because of herself and the milk for the baby.

It’s always nice to have a glass of water nearby and after feeding the baby eat something small and healthy.

Losing weight while breastfeeding

Breast feeding by itself is a great way to lose weight. If everything goes fine, because of hormonal changes that occurred in the woman’s body during pregnancy everything should go back to normal and the kilos will get lost, although slowly, the figure will be new and thinner. You need to wait, not stress, breastfeed and not starve. And drink a lot of water.

Sufficient suitable physical activity

During the postnatal period don’t do anything dramatic, do things slowly and with care. Your body needs to regenerate because of the exhaustion from pregnancy and giving birth and also with inappropriate physical activity you could endanger breast milk creation.

It’s advised to start slowly with walks which are more or less a necessity. If you go at a faster pace, the kilograms will go down.

What about you? How did you manage to lose weight after giving birth?

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