Pyjamas SPACE

Code: 72390 Material: 96% cotton 4% elastane

Collection: Space, Japi Pyjamas

Many factors affect the comfortable sleep of children. Clothing is one of them. Our children's pyjamas are made of certified materials that are also suitable for newborns. In addition, this pyjama has a proven cut that is not too tight and ensures maximum comfort during sleep. Press studs on the bottom of the pants and on the sleeves ensure that the pyjamas does not roll up. Pyjamas are suitable for every night, but they will also be of use in kindergarten. The oar print with a space motif will interest not only children, but also teachers.

We wish children a peaceful night in our comfortable space pyjamas. Maybe they will dream of flying in a rocket.

Detská bavlnená čiapka čierna Cotton hat SPACE

Cotton hat SPACE

11.50  € 8,05 €

Sleeveless footie SPACE

16.90  € 10,14 €

Overall SPACE

24.90  € 14,94 €

Trousers SPACE

13.50  € 8,10 €

Pyjamas CANDY

28.90  € 23,12 €


28.90  € 23,12 €


28.90  € 23,12 €

Pyjamas ROSA

28.90  € 23,12 €

Pyjamas WILDS

28.90  € 23,12 €
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