A sweater that keeps you warm

Autumn also brings changeable weather and temperature differences. The mornings, when children go to kindergarten and school, are already noticeably cold. Temperatures rise again around lunchtime. At this time, we start dressing the children in layers. The upper part of the clothing mainly consists of sweaters, sweatshirts, vests or light jackets. Their advantage is that the child can take them off or put them on if necessary.

In the past, sweaters were the predecessors of today's sweatshirts. They were warm, worn every day and had different patterns and colours. Sweaters were a common gift under the Christmas tree or for the birth of a child. They were valued because they were often hand-made by family members.

According to the patterns, we can even identify the country or region from which the sweater comes. Do you know the famous Norwegian or Irish patterns? Patterns on sweaters are something like embroidery on a costume.

The sweaters were made from natural materials that were available in the area. Wool from alpaca, camel or sheep, cashmere and mohair. There were a lot of materials, some were nice and soft, and some were hard, heavy and itchy. However, they had one thing in common, they knew how to keep warm and protect themselves from the changing weather.

And that is the basic meaning of a sweater - to protect against the cold.

Sweaters are made in different variants, and it is up to you which one you choose. Sporty, elegant or practical.

Sporty sweaters

A sporty sweater with a hood and pockets also perfectly replaces a sweatshirt. Fastened with wooden buttons. It is knitted with a fine pattern and is therefore pleasant and slightly elastic. Practical also because it can be unbuttoned when the child is warm and worn as a jacket.

Classic sweaters

Classic sweaters without a hood are suitable for girls with dresses or leggings. They are available in many colours. They have various details that make them extraordinary. Some have pockets, others have a decorative hem on the sleeves and around the waist.

Elegant sweaters

Elegant sweaters for little girls have rolled up sleeves and wider buttons. They have a romantic effect and are also suitable for festive occasions. If you are looking for a sweater for a wedding, a family party or a festive occasion, these sweaters will definitely suit you.

Sweaters for newborns and babies

Sweaters for newborns are a beautiful christening gift. And sweaters help babies with thermoregulation. They have delicate patterns and many colors. You can find them in soft pastel shades and bold colors. A simple pattern can be supplemented with a more elaborate pattern on the sleeves and around the waist.

Practical sweaters

An elongated sweater with a tie over the waist will please older ladies and mothers. It will keep you warm while sitting at school or at work. It will protect your lower back and you can comfortably wrap yourself in it. You can find it here with a simple or eight-way pattern. You can fasten the sweater up to the neck to create a turtleneck, it will protect your neck even in colder weather.

Care of the sweater

  • Different materials require a different approach. It is necessary to study the label from the manufacturer.
  • Wash some sweaters exclusively by hand, others on a gentle cycle.
  • After washing, it is best to spread the sweater on a towel. Sweaters should be dried in a horizontal position so that they do not stretch.
  • The same applies when putting away sweaters in the closet. Fold the sweaters and put them on the shelf. Hanging on a hanger could cause pulling on the shoulders. We make sure to store sweaters completely dry. We can also stack sweaters on top of each other, but we always stack the heaviest sweaters first.
  • If the sweater is wrinkled, try hanging it in a damp bathroom for a while or use a steamer. The sweater will come off nicely and will be like new.
  • Be careful when using the dryer :)
  • Detergents that protect the wool are also available on the market for washing knitwear.
  • If the sweater forms lint, which is completely natural with some materials, you can buy a lint remover and clean the sweater easily.

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