Are you ready for colder days?

Colder weather approaches unexpectedly. It will come as cold mornings and cloudy days. In such a period, we are more susceptible to colds and diseases. This weather calls for warmer clothes and more layers. Do you have your children's wardrobe ready? We have some tips for you on what not to forget.

Top layer

With the arrival of colder days, we reach for another layer of clothing. It can be a vest, a sweater, or a hoodie. They are practical because we can take them off during the day if it gets warmer.

You might know this joke: "You can tell it's autumn by carrying a sweatshirt all day because mom was cold in the morning." Yes, this is also how you can recognize the first cold days. "Just to be sure" we will give the children this top layer of clothing.

Practical sweatshirts and hoodies come in handy when the weather changes quickly. The hood protects the head and neck from the cold wind.

Long sleeves

We gradually change the short sleeves to long ones. T-shirts with long sleeves, tunics, or even dresses with long sleeves will protect a larger area of the body.

This also applies to pajamas. After the summer, we take out the long-sleeved pajamas from the closets to replace the short pajamas and the girls' nightgowns. You must also protect yourself at night while sleeping.

Bottom layer

Rainy days, strong winds, and the first frosts call for adding another layer of clothing. A cotton top or undershirt is suitable under T-shirts. A cotton classic top is a must-have in a child's wardrobe for autumn.

Choose tights under the pants. We gradually replace thinner children's tights with cotton or thicker ones. We choose those that fit well, are made of natural materials, and are warm.

Protect the neck and head

With the arrival of autumn, we also start to deal with headgear and neck protection. A comfortable cotton hat will protect you on the way to kindergarten, school, or on a walk. You can also combine it with a tunnel - a neck warmer that also protects the neck. It is a modern replacement for a scarf. You can also reach for a classic scarf to liven up your outfit.

We prepared 
cotton elastic headbands for the girls, which will protect their ears from the wind.

For small children, we prepare comfortable hats and gloves. These will help them with thermoregulation and keep them warm.

How to properly layer clothes and how to find out when a baby is cold? Read our article on layering and our tips for dressing for colder days. Don't forget that cold weather doesn't mean we shut ourselves up at home. Movement in the fresh air is also beneficial in autumn, winter or spring.


  • on cold days, make a warm tea to take with you on a trip in a thermos
  • create your own habits and enjoy hot chocolate, cocoa, or warm porridge with your children on cold days
  • in autumn, a hot soup will also warm you up when you come home from a walk
  • don't forget to protect your lips, face, and hands in the form of balm and cream
  • in autumn, treat yourself with more vitamins in the form of fruits, vegetables, or vitamin supplements
  • take out the warm blankets, socks and slippers and, if you feel cold, snuggle up
  • give yourself more rest to allow the body to adapt and regenerate
  • use cinnamon when cooking and baking - in addition to its pleasant aroma, it also has positive effects on the body, among other things, it promotes blood circulation in the limbs
  • do not miss movement in the fresh air and adequate strengthening

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