Cotton baby gloves CARE

Code: 71258 Material: 100% cotton

Collection: Care

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Practical children's gloves made of 100% cotton.

The gloves can be used not only in the maternity ward, but also for everyday wear. Babies do not yet know how to fully control the movements of their hands, so they can hurt themselves by scratching. The gloves will protect them. They will also help in maintaining and regulating the temperature.

Together with a hat and a baby bodysuit, footies, a shirt, and overalls, you can create an entire set of children's clothing suitable for baptism within this collection.

Long-sleeved bodysuit CARE

12,50 €

Long-sleeved wrapover bodysuit CARE

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Sleeveless footie CARE

13,50 €

Shirt CARE

10,50 €

Overall CARE

18,90 €

Footie trousers CARE

10,50 €
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