Footie trousers RABBIT

Code: 21813 Material: 100% cotton

Collection: Rabbit

14.50  €


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Popular children's footie trousers.

This child's clothing is especially popular with small babies. Protects the baby's feet from the cold. The wide, comfortable elastic band in the waist does not press but ensures that the footies do not slip. In this collection, the footies are additionally supplemented with fancy buttons.

Complete the footies with children's bodysuits, and you can have a complete set for a baby, for example, even in the maternity ward. You can find them in pink and beige. In other collections, you can find patterned footies, so take a look at our offer.

Sleeveless footie RABBIT

18,90 €

Long-sleeved bodysuit RABBIT

17,90 €


8,50 €

Bath towel RABBIT

28,90 €

Pullover + Trousers RABBIT

45,90 €

Cotton baby gloves RABBIT

2,30 €

Baby bib RABBIT

7,50 €

Trousers with suspenders RABBIT

32,90 €
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