Have fun with gift wrapping

How to keep children entertained during the holidays so that they have fun and it is also beneficial? How about creating beautiful wrapping paper from what you have at home?

Create original wrapping paper, be "eco" and recycle? And to entertain the children and enjoy time together? It can be done!

We have prepared a guide for you, which you may have also tried as a child. You will definitely find all the necessary items in a household with children.

What you need:

  • potato
  • gingerbread moulds
  • knife
  • brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • paper, paper bag, name tags


  1. choose a suitable potato and halve it
  2. press a gingerbread mould into it
  3. cut the edges so that the height of the stamp is about 0.5 cm (do this step very carefully)
  4. apply acrylic paints to the "stamp" with a brush
  5. do not dilute the colours, apply a thin layer, a thick one would not push well and slide on the paper
  6. we managed to print the stamp 3 times before needing to paint it again, each time we got a less and less visible print

This is how you can prepare a beautiful and unique wrapping paper. The children will gladly help you and you will have fun together. You can tell them how you made such stamps yourself.

A wonderful activity for the pre-Christmas time with children. What you pack in this wrapping paper is up to you, and maybe it will also be things from us at JAPITEX.

Final tip:
You can also apply paint by creating a "stamp pad" from a dish sponge, which you fill with paint.

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