Interwoven with memories

Memories. What remains in us long after it happened. Carefree summers, moments in the village, at your grandparents' house, or scents and tastes that we remember in moments when they gently touch us in the current world.

Can you still remember the time when you were looking forward to the holidays? When you travelled maybe a few hundred miles to your grandparents' place? The spring holidays, the Easter holidays, or even the summer holidays were a time when we could enjoy our childhood to the fullest.

Sometimes we envy our children a little bit of that carefree time. Do you talk to your children about your memories, experiences, incidents and friendships?

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I asked my colleagues what memories they still had of the holidays and their time with their grandparents. Read and remember with us, maybe some will be very similar to yours.

Funny stories

There is no doubt that staying with grandparents is connected with various adventures. Sometimes scars tell about it, other times it's stories or statements that make us laugh today.

Our JANE has the following story:

“When I went to the chicken coop for eggs and went down the ladder, one rung broke and I fell into the hole with my buttock stuck there. Luckily the eggs stayed intact and I was rescued as they heard my wild screaming.“

KATE made me laugh:

“It was with at my grandpa's sister place - we call her 'aunt', she is a wonderful woman, she lives in a scattered settlement with cows. When we spent one summer there, a cowd chasing us - but it didn't come very funny to me then. Fortunately, we escaped the animal, but since then I have a lot of respect for cows.

And my story is actually the brother's injury and his famous statement, which we still use today:
“While playing on our cherry tree, my brother had an ugly injury, he made a 'hole' in his leg and it was necessary to sew the wound. But he sat down on the sidewalk and said the famous sentence: "Rambo took care of himself, I will take care of myself, too'.”

In the photos is little Jane - our graphic artist with a little sheep.

The scents and tastes of childhood

Memories can also provide us with various stimuli that capture our senses. The aroma and taste typical of staying with grandparents is a strong cause of memories. And maybe you can just smell the classic scent of your favourite food, which your grandparents have prepared for you with love.

PETER recalls the typical food of his childhood:
“Fine roast meat, plum dumplings and poppy strudel. Especially the smell of roast meat.“

INA remembers “Steamed dumplings but mainly shor pastry and sweets in the cupboard.“

I - MARY, I remember the following things:
My grandfather's linden tea and then one of rose hips. My grandfather was from the Hungarian region and he was a cook during his military service, so he cooked us various Hungarian dishes. But what I hate since then is a water melon  :D I am overeaten of it.”

JANE has a similar memory of tea:
“Uniquely baked buns, linden tea and noodle soup.

KATE also enjoyed a great tea, because only grandparents knew how to properly prepare it:
Tea from my grandpa - I never drank better tea than from him - not even in the best teahouse… It had a specific taste and smell. He collected and dried herbs himself, and even people who didn't like herbal teas drank this one with pleasure. He always prepared it in one and the same green kettle and carried it to us in the forest - when we went to collect mushrooms, herbs, wood for carving…”

In the photos you can see little Jane - our graphic artist together with her grandparents, she is stuffing herself with taste :)
Also with the noodle soup, which she mentions above.

Things that became a memory

We store some things as a precious treasure. They become a memory. Mug, pillow, tablecloth, apron. Even a tree that has been planted by past generations and still bears fruit is a memory of those who are no longer here.

We have put away a sweater that remained after my grandma. It hangs on a hook by the door, and when it's cold outside, we are fighting for who will grab it first :).

PETER has a large half-litre mug at home from which he likes to drink tea, and many old things.

INA has a memory of “Old trees in the garden and my apple tree, which was the only one.

JANE had a memory in the form of a tree, too. “Two years ago, when my last grandfather's cherry tree, which he honestly cared for during his life, had to be chopped down, I cried a lot.”

KATE has so much more:
“For me, a very specific workshop of my grandfather - called “small kitchen” – he liked to carve from wood, he made the best rakes, pieces of furniture (carved shelves, tables, stools), wooden nativity scenes…. There were some tools everywhere, pieces of wood - such a specific world. I didn't appreciate it then, but he was a very skilful man.”

In the first photo, there is a little Jane with her mother - she is standing by the cherry tree that Jane is talking about. In the photo in the middle, she looks at photos from her childhood with her daughter, and in the last photo is our second graphic artist Kate with her grandfather. By the way, what a retro kitchen :) Did your grandparents have such too?

What would we like to experience again?

And if we could experience something from the holidays with our grandparents again, or recall some activity, it would be something special. Sometimes, however, something completely ordinary, but with those specific people, it had its charm.

JANE: “Since my grandmother and grandfather were chemists, I liked to go to work with them in the labs and we tried various experiments.”

KATE:Raking hay. They had a huge garden and when I was little I hated doing this. Tossing, drying, then gathering hay. As a child I didn't really appreciate it, now I look at it differently. Free fitness and you still get a tan.

MARY: “Grandma and Grandpa's hug, I miss that.

PETER is clear: “Air rifle shooting.

Someone would surely join INA:  a “Lying on a blanket and reading Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels.“

Our graphic designer Jane and her daughter are looking at photos from Jane's childhood.

Wisdom at the end

JANE: “I always had to sit at the table in the morning until I ate a full plate of semolina pudding until I saw a wild boar on its bottom. Sometimes it took forever and tears welled up in my eyes. But still breakfast is the basis of the day. I telling all this to my daughter so she knows at least in that way, how wonderful her grandparents were.”

PETER: “Of course, kids know what they could do if they weren't sitting at a computer or on a cell phone all the time. They would do everything we did.“

MARY: “I'm telling about it to my daughter, I'm showing her how the yard looked differently, where the tree was and where I suffered an injury. Cherry tree is no longer there, but when she was born, we planted her own, so that she could have similar memories one day."

KATE: “Of course, probably no one has the same experience as me :).“

INA: “I don't talk to my daughter much about my childhood experiences, but I'll definitely start to do that. I clearly remember the swing behind the house, the blanket in the grass, the book and the peace, the harmony and quiet. The old sewing machine and its smell and sound, colourful fabrics and new things which I sewed, but I was already ... a teenager.”

We wish our children, grandchildren, godparents and the children of our friends and neighbours to have only the most beautiful memories of childhood, holidays and grandparents.


“Grandparents: love and wisdom in body, bones and hearts.“

Thanks for the answers:

PETER - CFO, handles manufacturing, communications, finance and everything around it
INA - CEO, looking for new inspirations, selects fabrics, manages and coordinates collections and much more
JANE - graphic artist, designs collections, invents her own prints of fabrics
KATE - graphic designer, designs collections, manages social networks, advertising graphics, she also edited this article
MARY - I write for you, edit the e-shop, deal with marketing

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