Make Christmas decorations with folk pattern

Spend a pleasant time with your children while making Christmas tree decorations. Decorations need at least a week to dry, so the time before Christmas is the best time to prepare them.

Try our recipe for a mass that is also called "cold porcelain". It is easy to make, the raw materials are readily available, and even children can work with it. 


  • 220g of baking soda
  • 100 g of corn starch
  • 150 ml of water
  • pot and cooking spoon
  • rolling pin
  • gingerbread cutters
  • ribbon or twine


  1. mix soda and starch together
  2. put in a smaller pot
  3. pour water
  4. gradually heat until the mass to solidify
  5. a uniform mass is formed
  6. set the mass aside and let it cool
  7. the mass can be divided into 2 parts and gingerbread spice or ground cinnamon can be added to them
  8. process the cooled mass with your hands and roll out with a rolling pin to a thickness of approx. 0.5 cm
  9. you can use a decorative roller and press a pattern into the material
  10. cut out various shapes using gingerbread moulds
  11. if you plan to use the decorations on the Christmas tree, make a hole in them for twine or ribbon

Place the finished decorations on a paper towel or cardboard and let them dry. Depending on the thickness and the humidity in the room, the decorations will need to dry for a few weeks. After some time, you can turn the decorations, but handle the decorations as little as possible until they are completely dry.

The decorations made in this way can be used indoors. In the exterior, they would disintegrate over time because they would absorb the humidity of the air
We were inspired by folk motifs that appealed to us in the PERUN FLOWER clothing collection. However, you can use various children's stamps or even a fabric print. 


We wish you a pleasant time creating.

Your creative 

             Japi team

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