Light blooming collection. Peony colours and lightness of the breeze. Muslin dresses for girls and little babies in two beautiful colours. Stylish cuts that little girls will fall in love with. The muslin lightweight fabric is suitable for delicate baby skin, it is like a touch of fragrant peonies.

Baby bib PEONY

11,50 €

Long-sleeved bodysuit PEONY

26,90 €

Trousers PEONY

17,90 €

Long-sleeved dress bodysuit PEONY

32,90 €

Overall PEONY

26,90 €

Short-sleeved dress PEONY

39,90 €

Short-sleeved dress bodysuit PEONY

31,90 €

Women's dress PEONY short-sleeved

79,90 €

Skirt with braces PEONY

28,90 €

Pants with braces PEONY

30,90 €

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