Photographing children's clothes - just marvellous!

Taking a collection of clothes may seem easy. Dressing up your baby in a trendy manner and take a few shots. But it's not only about that and the whole thing takes a few hours, sometimes even days.

Procedure for taking pictures of children's clothing collection

Take things, take the child, put all in place and take pictures. This is how it could be described in one sentence. But mostly there is a lot of work, plans and preparations behind it.

  1. selection of collection
  2. concept of photography
  3. selection and contacting children (child, parent, woman, man)
  4. selection of premises
  5. preparation of props
  6. clothing selection and preparation (sizes, colours, combinations)
  7. preparation of premises
  8. motivation of children
  9. cleaning up

1. Selection of collection

The collections are photographed as soon as they are stored in the warehouse. We prepare collections months in advance and therefore we sometimes wait for the weather to match the collection with the season for which the clothes are intended.

The selection of the collection is also adapted to the plans and strategies.

2. Concept of photography

This is already a creative activity, when we brainstorm and think at full speed. How we would imagine photos, where they should be placed and what message the visual side of the collection will carry.

When creating collections, we already have some idea of how we want to promote this collection, how we feel about it, what we want to say about it. We leave room for creators and team members to have their say.

3. Selection and contacting children

It is necessary to select a child of the appropriate age for each collection. We have boys' and girls' clothing, but also universal pieces. Sometimes there are also clothes for older children or for mothers and fathers in the collection. Then we address the family or siblings. This way we can offer you photos of a younger and older child, a mother with a baby, or a father and son.

This, too, can change completely over time. Children often become ill or injured and can no longer take part on photo shooting. Thus, we improvise at the last minute :)

4. Selection of premises

Choosing spaces is still a great adventure for us. We try to bring you interesting spaces in our area. Little babies are photographed in the studio. They need their peace, not many people, mom and warmth. Weather permitting, we like to take children outside - in nature and in squares. Kids love being photographed in the cake shop, guess why? :)

Some collections are thematically suitable for photographing animals (Horse collection), others with some flowers (Viola collection), or fruits (Cherry collection), sports collections in motion during sports (Active collection) and sweet collections with cake (Cupcake collection). We are happy if the space can tell its story and then we can use the photos in the article and introduce you to this nice place in addition to the collection.

5. Preparation of props

In order for photography to have a story and look emotional, it is necessary to pay attention to small details. Basket, cake, blanket, toy, flowers, apple for a horse ... There is a lot that is hidden in the photos and we may not even notice it without warning. But in the end, it creates an overall impression of the photo and the product.

6. Selection and preparation of clothes

If we already know who will take the photos, we choose the sizes and types of clothes. Sometimes it is associated with a small testing in our place, so that we do not find out only after the photo was already taken that a piece of clothing is too small or too large. We write everything down and pick it up from the warehouse. Sometimes it is necessary to iron clothes. Our Jane takes care of that, and she probably only knows how much work she has with this task.

7. Preparation of premises

It is still necessary to prepare the premises on the day of the photo shoot. You need to choose a suitable place, lighting, prepare a table, decorations and props. Try different angles and navigate the concept photo. It is not always easy, for example with animals you are not able to always plan it ideally :)

8. Motivation of children

Taking pictures sometimes takes hours and over time children get tired and bored. That's when motivation comes into play. In a cake shop, it can be a tasty cake, but what children are most looking forward to is little something like a toy as a reward from mothers for patience when taking pictures. The imagination of adults is in full swing and trying to entertain children with games and activities is not easy at all.

9. Cleaning up 

When some mothers with children leave the photo shoot, our Jane still stays at the scene and puts everything back to its original state. Cleaning up models, packing props, folding clothes ... and only then calmly leave to fulfil motivational promises.

Funny stories and one-liners from photographing

Making photography is sometimes a lot of fun, especially for children. You probably know those funny one-liners and situations that you then remember with a smile, even if it was all challenging. We also have such experiences from taking pictures.

  • While photographing the Cherry collection, we were preparing a picnic in an orchard under a cherry tree.
    The grass was quite high and the mother came to us with horror-stricken face, remarking: “are we going to take pictures in the valley of snakes?”
  • Shooting with small children is still a surprise. One baby vomited all our clothes so there was no clean clothes left, hence it was necessary to take pictures quickly like that and then retouch the photos.
  • And of course, we also experienced an accident while changing diapers :)

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