Madeira, English embroidery or so-called broderie anglaise. Dresses made of this material look airy and romantic. Our Elizabeth collection is made from this beautiful fabric.

Despite the Western name, the origin of this fabric is linked to Central Europe, specifically to the territory of the Czech Republic and its surroundings. It was founded in the 16th century and was part of the folk costumes. It became popular in England in the 19th century. Things sewn from it were considered very luxurious.

Perforated embroidered fabric 

Madeira is a cotton fabric mostly white or light in colour. It has perforated patterns of round or oval shapes.
They are also called eyelets. These are cut from the fabric and then sewn with a button stitch. Eyelet sizes can vary.
Modern designs combine different sizes to create finished works of art.

Patterns on Madeira

The patterns used on madeira are different. Circles, ovals, flowers, vines, leaves. All arranged to create a beautiful pattern that can be repeated. They are also complemented by simple stitches and smaller embroidery.

The patterns are embroidered with the same colour as the base fabric. This also makes its look soft and feminine.
In the past, this fabric was rare because it was embroidered by hand. Later, machines began to be used for production.

It is associated with Madeira because it has also been used by artisans on this island.

ELIZABETH collection: Madeira dresses for women and girls

We have prepared madeira dresses for you in two colours. Cream and pink. Finely perforated cotton material with flower embroidery is lined with cotton fabric of the same colour.

For women and older ladies, we have ruffled dresses that are gradually expanding.
The long sleeves are finished with an elastic band and thus create a romantic shape.

For little girls, we have bodysuit dresses. They are lined with cotton fabric in the shape of a bodysuit.
They can be comfortably dressed on diapers and tights which will fit firmly in place.

These beautiful photos were created thanks to the Leroy Bar & Café in Banská Bystrica. Thank you for your cooperation, the beautiful environment is definitely worth a visit, where you can enjoy an excellent coffee.

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