Children's clothing in a beautiful design with roses. We created a unique fabric from which we sewed your favourite pieces of clothing. Girls will love the twirl dresses and comfortable sweatshirts. Practical headbands or leggings, t-shirts and bodysuits can also be used on the first day of school, for a family celebration or a special occasion. They can bloom at any time thanks to our rose collection.

Short-sleeved tulle-skirt ROSA

41,90 €

Short-sleeved dress bodysuit ROSA

27,90 €

Hoodie ROSA

39,50 €

Pants ROSA

26,90 €

Log-sleeved tunic ROSA

28,90 €

Leggings 1C ROSA

18,90 €

Long-sleeved dress bodysuit ROSA

29,90 €

Trousers with suspenders ROSA

32,90 €

Long-sleeved T-shirt ROSA

17,90 €

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