The horse in the main role

The positive effects of animals on humans have been known for a long time. Healing with horses is professionally called hippotherapy. Kids just love horses and ponies. That’s why we also used the picture of horses in our new HORSE collection.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is the use of animal interactions with patients to aid recovery from health problems or to help people cope with certain medical conditions.  Animals do influence the emotional and physical health of humans.

Scientists believe that the emotional relationship between humans and animals helps to release interferon and endorphins in the human body.

Interferon strengthens the immune system and endorphins raise the pain threshold. This healing effect of the animal on humans is related to the empathy, respect and love that the animal can show to humans. Human-to-animal contact puts people in better mental well-being.

The most widespread are:

  • canis therapy - dog therapy
  • felinotherapy - cat therapy
  • hippotherapy - horse therapy

Hippotherapy - horse therapy

The first mention of treatment with horses comes from Hippocrates. Galenos recommended horseback riding for exercise of the body and senses.

The impact of hippotherapy is complex, affecting the field of rehabilitation, psychology and resocialization.

Positive results of hippotherapy:

  • regulation of muscle tension
  • better breathing
  • better speech control
  • improving balance
  • improving the coordination of the torso and seat
  • step reeducation
  • posture reeducation
  • Rhythm
  • Self-awareness
  • joint mobilization
  • spatial orientation
  • engaging all the senses
  • Empathy
  • impact on personality and psyche
  • self-confidence and self-awareness
  • a sense of responsibility and importance
  • reducing anxiety and fear
  • suppression of hyperactivity, antipathy and aggression
  • development of independence
  • creativity support

HORSE clothing collection

Horses have also become the central motif of our clothes in the Horse collection. A panel with white horses is placed on the back of the girl's sweatshirt, dress and pullover. For all lovers of these animals, the collection is in black and pink.

Modern cuts, asymmetrical fastening, quality materials. Comfortable sports cuts with long sleeves. Fancy accessories in the form of side strips with an inscription. You can match the entire collection with leggings, a hat and a neck scarf - tunnel scarf.

Our photos from the HORSE collection were created thanks to PONY FARM IN SUCHÝ VRCH. It is beautiful there and we definitely recommend this place. We asked a few questions about the horses you can find there.

1. How many horses and how many ponies do you have on your farm?

We keep 19 horses on a pony farm, of which 2 are ponies.

2. What are their names?

Riding horses that children have the opportunity to meet are Tristan, Jazmín, Bertík, Lukas, Sally and Izabela.

3. What goodies do your horses like best?

Horses prefer carrots, apples and dry bread, but foreign animals but foreign animals can never be fed arbitrarily. It is ideal to bring treats to a breeder who knows their daily dose, as increased or improper feeding can cause the horse's indigestion and subsequently it may end up in the surgeon's clinic.

We thank Mrs. Hromadová from the farm for the opportunity to take pictures and providing us with answers.

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