Cold, rainy, wet and overcast… Babies, but mainly newborns need fresh air every day. If you go with them to a store or run an errand, they need to wear enough layers.

How to properly choose kids' clothing?

Many fresh moms are trying to figure out how to properly dress a baby - whether they need more thin layers or a few thick ones or whether to put your newborn into a wrapper or not. Here are 2 important rules for dressing your baby.

1. Let’s start.

First rule: The material touching the body must be cotton. Cotton is one of the best materials because it absorbs humidity very well, dries relatively quickly, it’s durable, nice to touch and affordable. Therefore, do dress your baby with cotton products. As the first layer you can use a shirt with tights and socks, a bodysuit with tights or a footsie, which is very practical. When searching for baby clothes you might have already found pieces which you like and are practical. If not, do have a look at

2. Second layer

We have the base layer, let’s move on. We still need to consider that it’s cold. In the base layer, the baby must have all parts of the body covered. In the second layer we can use other materials than cotton. One of the upcoming favourites not only in the adult fashion is velvet. Here you can get an overall, or combine thicker footsie and a coat. If it is windy, you shouldn’t forget a headscarf.

3. Third layer

The third layer depends on your decision. We advise you to wear another thick sweater or a hoodie and for the lower part you can try newborn clothes like jeans or a more comfortable version - pants.

4. Enough, or?

To wrap up. If you don’t know how many layers your little one should wear so it’s not too few or too many, you can use the rule of our moms: Put on 1 more layer on your baby than you are wearing yourself.

That means that you can skip the third layer. But at the fourth layer, don’t forget about a good jacket or coat and a hat - in case you don’t have a baby wrapper. If you have a baby wrapper, initial 3 layers should be sufficient and your baby is ready for a stroller and a nice walk.

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