Why is vintage fashion still in?

Vintage fashion is alive. It is returning to fashion trends like a boomerang. But why is that so? Why are cuts, patterns and colours from the recent past still popular?

Cuts from the 50's - 60's are returning to fashion primarily because they looked very feminine. Dresses with a narrow waist, a wider skirt, cheerful colours, patterns and colour combinations are just typical of the vintage style.

While in the 1940s costumes in neutral colours prevailed in fashion, the following fifties lit up women's wardrobes. The stars from the cinema screen, who presented such a new trend, also helped to promote this trend.

Typical elements of vintage dresses:

    • knee length
    • narrow highlighted band
    • wider skirt - mostly round
    • collar or boat neckline
    • dots - larger and smaller in strong combinations
    • one-colour models with contrasting band
    • patterns - diamonds, flowers, stripes
    • cheerful colours - red, yellow, purple, blue, green and pastel colours

Sweet as Candy

Do you remember movies such as Grease or Dirty Dancing from this perios? Do you have those beautifully coloured dancer dresses in front of your eyes? Women's haircuts, hairstyles, shoes. This era really highlighted the female figure.

Our Candy collection is in pastel tones with black dots. In this limited collection you will find pieces that can be wonderfully combined.

1. Combination - leggings and T-shirt

Comfortable girls' leggings in three colours can be brilliantly combined. A one-colour practical piece that you can liven up with a dotted T-shirt. If you choose a one-colour t-shirt, you can opt for a dotted sweatshirt that will brighten the whole outfit.

2. Combination - skirt, t-shirt and headband

When going for a family celebration or gala, your little daughter in a pastel colours in vintage style will surely shine. The rich skirt with a tulle petticoat is a beautiful piece for young ladies. Complement it with a one-colour T-shirt and headband and you have the whole outfit for such an occasion.

On colder days, you can use a one-colour sweatshirt from the Japi Hearts collection.

3. Vintage dress

Comfortable and beautiful wedding dress in vintage style? The Candy collection offers this as well. And now for both mom and daughter. You can choose between pastel blue or pastel pink. Black dots and a contrasting black belt, sleeveless cut and higher boat neck make them a comfortable piece for wedding dancing.

You can combine dresses with a black girl's sweater from the Japi Hearts collection and one-colour or dotted headband.

Vintage outfit accessories

It should not be forgotten that the way the whole outfit looks is supported by accessories. How can you support a vintage outfit and what accessories belong to it?

  • small hats and caps
  • headbands, hair bands, hairpins
  • plastic or wooden earrings (larger and more pronounced)
  • handbags - smaller leaf or baskets
  • higher heel shoes
  • distinctive lipstick
  • short jacket or tablecloth
  • glasses - sunglasses and classic in vintage style
  • distinctive shiny belts for one-colour dresses

If you love feminine cuts and cheerful colours and patterns, vintage style is perfect for you.

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