Gingerbread house - how to make it at home?

A gingerbread house or a gingerbread cottage will make the Christmas atmosphere more pleasant. You can make it together with your children at home. All you need is our template, gingerbread dough, egg white frosting and a few skilled and willing hands.

Recipe for gingerbread dough

You can find an incredible number of gingerbread recipes. Perhaps some in your family were inherited and are family treasures. We baked gingerbread cookies according to this recipe.

In the article, you will also find the procedure for making the frosting and some tips at the end.

Procedure for making a gingerbread house

If you have the dough ready, roll it out on a floured board.

  1. The thickness of the dough should be approximately 0.5 cm. The dough will rise during baking.
  2. Print our template, which you can download for free as a pdf file.
  3. Cut out the individual parts from the paper and place them on the dough.
  4. Carefully cut out the roof, side walls, windows, and doors with a knife.
  5. Place the dough on baking paper and bake it. Make sure that the parts are not touching, as they could stick together during baking.
  6. If the cottage is "baked," let the individual parts cool for at least 3 hours, then you can start decorating with egg white frosting.
  7. Decorating the parts is easier when the cottage is not yet built.
  8. You can start connecting the decorated and dried parts of the cottage. Use egg white icing (make it a little thicker) or caramel "glue" to connect the pieces ( the recipe can be found below in the tips).

Our tips

To make the cottage a real success, read these tips of ours:

  1. Before baking, you can add classic candies (e.g. bonpari) into the cut-out windows. They will melt while baking, and you will get colored "glass" windows.
  2. You can also decorate the cottage with various edible decorations. Muffin sprinkles, small sugar hearts or flakes, pearls, or sticks. All of this is available in any store.
  3. To better hold the parts together, you can sharpen them with a knife in the part where they will be joined before gluing. Preferably at a 45° angle, so they fit together perfectly.
  4. Make the roof out of a thinner dough so that it is lighter and does not weigh down the entire structure.
  5. Add a few drops of lemon juice if the egg white frosting is too thick. If it's too thin, add some powdered sugar.
  6. When gluing, be patient:) Allow the glued parts to dry completely. Apply the "glue" from both the inside and outside. Glue the roof to the end and support it from the inside, for example, with jam jars.
  7. You can also decorate the cottage with melted chocolate or dust it with powdered sugar at the end to make it look like it's covered in snow.
  8. Let the finished cottage dry completely.
  9. The cottage will look lovely as a decoration. It can also be placed in the center of an Advent wreath or on a decorative tray decorated with pine branches.
  10. You can light up the cottage by placing small flashlights inside. The switch can be hidden behind the cottage or in the bushes.

Caramel glue and icicles

You can prepare the caramel "glue" by letting the sugar caramelize. Then you wet the edges of the cottage along its entire glued length and attach another part to them. Be careful because the caramel is hot and must be worked with quickly. But this connection tends to be sufficiently strong and fast.

You can also make icicles from caramel. Once melted, spread it with a wooden spoon on baking paper in the shape of icicles. Allow them to cool, and then attach them to the roof with sugar icing.

You can download templates for the gingerbread house here:

And if you don't have time to bake, or you're afraid that you won't be able to do it, you can make a "gingerbread" house out of paper. Download our PDF and start creating.

We wish you a pleasant time, and don't forget to show us your cottage.
We will be very happy :)

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