Movement and sports for the healthy development of children

Movement and sports are important for the natural development of children. It doesn't have to be a performance sport right away, small regular activities that the child enjoy doing will suffice. Movement is important from an early age. Children naturally turn themselves, walk on all fours, lift and learn to walk. For them, movement is an opportunity to start exploring the world.

Movement and healthy development

Healthy and natural movement improves children's cognitive and motor functions. It has a positive effect on:

  • attention
  • perception
  • intelligence
  • memory
  • thinking
  • coordination
  • balance

Sport and social ties

In addition, sports help children to socialize. Through it, they learn:

  • morality
  • discipline
  • cooperation
  • creativity
  • imagination
  • they experience the opportunity to succeed and the joy of victory
  • they also learn to lose and accept failure
  • the joy of movement
  • increase in self-confidence
  • building relationships and friendships

Sport and child's health

The impact of sports and physical activities on a child's health:

  • improving immunity
  • health improvement (if exercise is suitable for the child)
  • persistence
  • force
  • condition
  • hard and flexible bones
  • better sleep
  • weight regulation
  • use of hyperactivity in children

Sports for different age categories

We can do healthy movement and simple sports activities even with the smallest children. Gradually increase the load, switch from individual to collective sports, or vice versa. It all depends on the particular child and the parents who notice what the child really enjoys.

In fact, the basic condition should be that this exercise - sport - should be fun for the child. Give the child a choice, give the opportunity to try more sports. Motivate and encourage him. In the beginning, it will also require a great deal of patience and motivation from the parents. But we do it for their good and health.

Babies and movement

It may seem strange, but even the smallest children can perform healthy movement. Swimming and physical exercises are very suitable for babies. Have you tried baby massages? The child thus learns new impulses through touch. He knows his body, reacts to touch and withdraws his leg or reaches for a certain object.

Of course, toddlers are alreadyng to discover movements and try what they can do on their own. They can roll over and stand up, mispronounce and walk on all fours. Dads discover the world through movement. Their motivation is really great, such a flower or a night lamp could prove it to you.

For such children, movement in the fresh air, a walk, climbing frames, bouncer, rocking horse or swing is enough. You will be happy to perform all these activities with them :). You can already teach these children to cooperate - when kicking or throwing a ball, building various obstacles and overcoming them, chasing bubbles from a bubble blower.

Your imagination gets the green light here and you can come up with an interesting physical activity anywhere.

Kindergarteners and preschoolers

At this age, you can reach for a scooter, bouncer, skates, trampoline, bicycle, in winter, skis. Children already have more control over their bodies, which is why interesting and more complex climbing frames are suitable for them on the playground. They will also enjoy racing with their parents.

In preschool age, children should also come into contact with collective sports, which will help them socialize. Little girls also love to dance. How about making a dance party where even mothers can join.

Boys will enjoy playing sports with their father, whom they see as a great role model at this age. Throwing the ball into the basket or kicking the ball at the goal. Boys are more competitive at this age so you can compete to win.

Reach for resources you know from childhood and show how you used to play. Draw a kindergarten on the sidewalk, tie a rubber band and teach the girls to jump. Boys may be interested in a frisbee or a boomerang, you can also use a water gun to shoot at a target or to fill a glass. The winner is the one who fills the cup first.

Primary school pupils and sport

Research has proven that it is important for children's health to play sports - healthy movement for at least 45 minutes a day. Our pupils also have physical education included in the school curriculum, where they come into contact with various sports. Even during their stay in the school club, they can have a fling in the yard, there are climbing frames and a children's playground.

At this age, we can let the child try several sports to find out which one it really enjoys. We will certainly need patience and understanding. It is encouraging for children when their parents also participate in training and matches. Some children are more attracted to individual sports, but even there they need an understanding coach and patient parents.

Try taking your child to your own sports activities. If you go jogging, take it with you. At first, it can accompany you on the bike, later you can train together. The same applies if you play tennis, swim, play badminton... It really doesn't matter what sport you play, once in a while do a special training session with your children. Children learn best by observing.

For girls, a gymnastics club or a dance club, ballet, or ballroom dancing can also be interesting. Boys can try classic team sports - football, handball, volleyball or basketball. Show them gymnastics, rope climbing, long or high jump, movement on climbing frames - there are special fitness playgrounds and gyms for that. Take them abseiling and rock climbing (with maximum safety, of course). And, for example, even such fishing is considered a sport.

Sports for teenagers

At this age, children already know what they like and what they definitely don't want to do. But even this age is demanding and sometimes it is difficult to convince children to persevere and go to training. The participation of parents, if possible, will certainly help, but also encouragement or motivation. The sports team and the coach will play their role.

At this age, try to show children a different kind of sport on vacation. Try rafting or diving. Anything that would guarantee them sufficient daily movement. Children at this age are getting more lazy and choose computer games instead of sports. Create a compromise between technology and sport.

Try to discover the beauty of the country, hiking does not have to be boring. For example, a bicycle trip can be an interesting activity. Boys at this age may also be interested in strength training.

Studies show that children's physical activity and sports activities decrease every year, while time spent in front of screens or with technological devices increases.

Scientists even warn parents that if children want to engage in certain sports activities as adults, they must develop muscles and certain muscle parts from childhood - they must be active at an early age.

Children's positive attitude towards exercise and sports positively affects not only their future health, but also their future achievements. It is assumed that active children will become active adults.

Comfortable clothes for active moments

We have comfortable clothes for your children for active free time. Girls' and boys' collections in which they can enjoy movement.

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Metropolitan collection

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